JNTU Syllabus: JNTU Hyderabad is an institution with academic and research-oriented courses, the B.Tech programs (undergraduate programs). Major branches among them are Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control, Metallurgy, Mechanical, Bio-medical, and Civil.

     A few courses are offered through the correspondence-cum-contact mode. The postgraduate programs namely M.Tech, MSIT, MBA, MCA, and MSc. The major branches are Bio-Technology, Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Remote-Sensing and GIS, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Water Resources, Mechanical Engineering, Nano-Technology, Energy Systems, Environmental Studies, Microbiology, Food Technology, Management, Computer Applications, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Environmental Geomatics and Environmental Management.

     Candidates pursuing B.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy under JNTUH can view or download the Academic Syllabus manuals from the below links. It contains complete information about all semesters and subjects and lab manuals etc.

     Students who want to know or download their JNTU Hyderabad syllabus PDFs can get it from the below links. You can download Jntuh B.Tech R16 syllabus, Jntuh M.Tech R17 syllabus, Jntuh B.pharmacy and Jntuh M.pharmacy syllabus, Jntuh MBA syllabus, Jntuh MCA syllabus.


JNTUH B.Tech syllabus

   ( R16 ) : JNTUH B.tech  –  R16 Syllabus  –  All Semesters


JNTUH M.Tech syllabus

   ( R17 ) : JNTUH M.Tech  –  R17 Syllabus  –  All Semesters


JNTUH B.Pharmacy syllabus

   ( R16 ) JNTUH B.Pharmacy – R16 Syllabus – All Semesters

   ( R17 ) JNTUH B.Pharmacy – R17 Syllabus – All Semesters


JNTUH M.Pharmacy syllabus



JNTUH MBA syllabus

   ( R17 ) : JNTUH MBA – R17 Syllabus – All Semesters


JNTUH MCA syllabus

   ( R17 ) JNTUH MCA – R17 Syllabus – All Semesters